Guide to a successful contest!

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Guide to a successful contest!

Post  Makkeiz on Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:47 pm

Guide to a successful contest!

1. Name: What is your competition called? You should include the competition name in the thread title so people can see what your competition is about before clicking on it.
2. Competition end date: When is your competition open until?
3. Theme: What kind of animation are you asking for?
4. Maximum participants: How many people are you willing to accept in your competition?
5. Animation length: How long is the animation allowed to be? How short can we make it?
6. What program do you want us to use? Different programs have far better results then others, and pitting them against eachother would be unfair.
7. Award: People need an incentive to join your competition, and a good award picture can boost your competition quite well.
8. List of participants: Add to this as more people join.
9. Any other basic rules: Any other rules that don't fit into any of the previously mentioned categories; an example would be 'Animation must include sound effects/music'
10. Any additional information that might help prevent people from doing stupid things.

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