Guide To A succesful Project

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Guide To A succesful Project

Post  Makkeiz on Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:34 pm

Your Guide to a Sucessful Project

I recommend this thread to anyone who is in need of a guide for the commencent of either project, or collab. Now before you start write down some keywords to help you in order to pick a topic for your project. A title doesnt really matter, but yet it is also the most important factor to attract the public.

Step 1 "A good title"

Now depending on what your project is based on, you might consider something that relates to everything your project is about.

Example: A collab which consists of 10 animators, and each animators must create a 20 second 1 on 1 fight.

Now something like the exmaple shown above is not so easy to title, and it may relate to alot of things. In order to provide a good title try coming up with a bunch of words that applies to your project.

1 on 1
kicking, punching
20 seconds

Now I would like to start with something like this; "20 second animation collab", "1 on 1 collab", "20 second challenge", "Fighting Collab"...etc

Step 2 "Organizing a Project"

The second most important key factor is how well organized you are in order to clearify your ideas, and also to make sure you have no confusion. Before you start typing down your rules, objectives, positions, resume or anything you should always clear your mind. Make sure you are not stressed out and you have focused mind. Exercise, take a short break, grab a snack or anything to help you relax.

To begin the process type down a short text about the key idea of your project. Something to help you keep on track of what your doing while you post your thread, and always make sure you use proper grammar (which we will get to soon). First things first, decide how many participants can join your project and what each need in requirements.

1. Create a short presentation or text to show want your project is about

Example A: JOIN MY COLLAB IT PWNS!!!, MAKe aN animation and show it to me.

Example B: The collab I present to each and one of you is basically a short animation scene, in which two stickfigures fight to death for about 20 seconds in duration. All submission will be packed into a collab; Which must follow the rules shown below.

I found alot of flaws in example A, which has no proper grammar, does not indicate the members to the proper steps, and has no point. On the other side, Example B explains a little about the collab, shows what steps to go through, and consists of helpful information. Because now members have a little idea of what they are getting into, they will read on.

2. Body of your paragraphs and thread.

Title: From what we had chosen in step 1.

Quote & Reminders: Place one after each paragraph. This can help members if you want them to keep in mind to something, or if they failed to understand your presentation, help them with short notes, examples, and ideas.

Additional Information: Rules & How-to's. The rules should have every last inch of details that is needed to be followed during the making of an animation. Chose the following headings;

Duration How long an animation can be.
Style: Allowed style, or choose a specific type. Line, Brush, Pencil..etc
Window Size: Withd & height of the page.
Excluded material: Anything you would not like to see in the animations. Example: No music, no guns, violence, humor...etc
Allowed content: Things you need to have or may have.
Program: Flash, Pivot, Eazytoon.

Participants & Due date List the number of slots, and a due date.

Due Date in Bold size 4, and red

Conclusion: Wish them a good luck, and let your members get starting.

Step 3 "Proper grammar"

The idea of using proper grammar doesn't mean you should go and look for advanced words and spellings in your paragraphs, because then members get really confused. Try being clear and DO NOT USE CAPS at all times. Remember to use a comma after "and" "which" "also" "because" "And then"...etc. Try to express your ideas with the least amount of gibberish talk in there, do not use unecessary information like these "Razz" "HAHAHA" "LAWL" "lol", anything msn like or chatting. Also do not always repeat the same thing in which you do not prove a point whatsoever.

Step 3 "Getting Ready to Post"

1. First of all gather all important information you may need in your project and go back through these step for a quick review. Always click the "Preview Post" button to check for spelling mistakes.

2. Type down the body of your opening paragraph first and then your rules and so on.

3. Make sure you understand what you wrote and change any information which you might think would confuse someone.

4. Check Grammar, Remove caps, Do another quick review and Use images to explain hard examples.

5. Well post it already

Note: Please be sure to remind me of any missing piece of information you think should be included in this guide.

This is for community project section.

Credits to MetalDog

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